Solving water challenges from space | 11-15 October 2021 

The 2021 Hackathon is now completed. See you on 19 September 2022!

A competition for innovators excited by the opportunity to solve water challenges by leveraging space technologies, innovation and entrepreneurship. This hackathon is a competition of teams and it is made possible by a collaboration of a number of institutions led by the Centre of Entrepreneurial Agri-Technology and  the Canberra Innovation Network. Special thanks and acknowledgment for their sponsorship and providing mentoring, judges and resources for the competition goes to ANU Institute for Space (InSpace), ANU Institute for Water Futures, CSIRO and Charles Sturt University. 


Agregate cash awarded to teams by judge panels in 2020 ($10,000) and 2021 ($20,000). it is free to register and participate but teams must dedicate the time and can win cash from the prize pool.
In addition, teams receive:


Throughout the hackathon participants are addressed by inspiring industry and academic experts from the sponsoring organisations.


Rapid workshops focusing on ideation, validation, business models and building participant skills to pitch their novel concept with impact.

Mentor Time

We have a truly inspiring and experienced mentor pool teams can tap into as they conceptualise and evolve their novel ideas.


Opportunity to access sponsors or participate in CBRIN programs (such as Idea 2 Impact), to take your idea to the next level.  

2021 H2O HACK Judging Criteria

Teams in our hackathons need to score high in seven criteria plus add something extra to the mix. We are looking for innovative and impactful solutions that are validated, viable, have clear sight of funding, are pitched well and leverage collaboration.

Secret sauce

2021 H2O HACK Challenge Statement

2021 H2O HACK was an opportunity for ambitious researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs to develop space-based solutions that address the following areas:


Improve the sustainability and resilience of water supplies across Australia.


Increase water-efficiency while maintaining productivity and profitability.


Ensure water quality and maximise environmental, economic and societal outcomes.


Turn arid regional areas into sustainable and productive agricultural regions and reduce effects of flooding. 


Enable different sectors with the ability to collaborate to optimise water use in regional communities.


Overcome connectivity issues in regional areas to enable improved water management.

Download the complete and up-to-date challenge statement.


2021 H2O HACK Judges

H2O HACK Judge Panel represents the views of the industry, research, academia and the innovation sector. Can you build and present a novel solution that addresses the challenge statement and excelles in the 8 criteria as seen by these judges?

H2O HACKATHONS in the Media

"The winners of last year’s hackathon found the challenge to drought-proof the agrifood sector incredibly beneficial to take their idea to the next level."

“Hackathons are innovation playgrounds; they are set up to encourage you to ideate, explore, experiment, fail, learn and change. And then, repeat.” 

What previous participants and mentors had to say

As a 3rd (year) undergraduate, having access to so many well educated and experienced mentors was fantastic, I was able to learn so much about the process of innovation and the agricultural industry in only a week. I would recommend the Hackathon for anyone who enjoys exposing themselves to new things and applying themselves in a competitive setting. I had a great week even though my team took home no accolades!

Adrian McBurnie
University of Canberra, 2020 H2O HACK participant

A great way to learn and network and the pitches were a great way to end.

This format managed to cater for an amazing diversity of proposals each with widely different scales of application.

Excellent tech help and clear instructions, excellent time keeping.


John Evans
Australian National University
2020 H2O HACK mentor
Solving Water Challenges From Space | 11-15 October 2021 | ONLINE

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